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Air Cycle Technology: Liebherr Offers 100% “Green” HVAC System

The air cycle technology by Liebherr is a next-generation heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology derived from aerospace applications. It offers substantial savings in life cycle costs, thus reducing significantly the total operating costs of HVAC units over a train’s lifetime.
Since the air cycle technology uses air as refrigerant instead of usual chemical refrigerants (ozone-depleting fluorinated greenhouse gases), it offers better environment performance. In addition to the fact that the unit is refrigerant leakage-free, its simplified design and a reduced number of parts which are easy to exchange make it much more reliable and cheaper to maintain than units that operate with the traditional vapour cycle technology. Furthermore, the HVAC system based on air cycle technology continues to provide cooling even at very high temperatures, e.g. during summertime, and does not shut down.

Exhibitor: Liebherr-Transportation Systems Mannheim GmbH

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